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Madame TincRoad’s Living Wax Museum

Madame TincRoad’s Living Wax Museum


We had an incredible evening at our Read Across America Family Night as students showcased their creativity and knowledge during our Living Wax Museum event. This special night served as a culminating event after a dedicated focus on biographies, where every student had the opportunity to review a book and create a project, all made possible thanks to a EAMO Pride in Education grant.

At the Wax Museum, students brought historical figures and influential personalities to life by dressing up as their chosen person. The effort and attention to detail that went into their costumes were truly remarkable. In addition to embodying their characters, students also presented various projects related to their chosen figures. These projects included eye-catching posters, intricate dioramas, imaginative Wheaties cereal box designs featuring their historical figure, and engaging "All About Me" papers that provided insight into the lives and accomplishments of these remarkable individuals.

The Wax Museum not only showcased our students' creativity and knowledge but also fostered a love for reading, research, creativity and presentation skills. It was a night filled with learning, fun, and community engagement as families came together to support our young learners.

We are incredibly proud of all our students for their hard work and dedication to making Madame TincRoad’s Living Wax Museum a huge success. A special thank you to our Reading Specialist, Mrs. Capone, and the handful of staff members that dedicated hours to planning, set up and cleanup. An additional thank you goes to the Mt. Olive Education Association for the generous grant that made this enriching experience possible for our students.