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Play and Grow with Enrichment at Tinc

Play and Grow with Enrichment at Tinc

Tinc Road PTO brought the P. A. G. E. program back to Tinc for the second year in a row! Teachers pick topics they are passionate about to provide engaging after school classes for students to enroll in!

Check out the classes offered to our student in the Fall and be on the look out for our next round of offerings!

Mrs. Iacampo ran a French for Beginners class! Students started with basic greetings, a virtual tour of the Louvre and learned about the famous artist Henri Matisse. They also chose a famous French landmark to research and made some famous French foods. To wrap up, they learned the French words for animals, school terms, and family members.

Mrs. Durland led an Arts and Crafts class with students in kindergarten through 2nd grade. Students created multiple pieces of artwork during each class while learning about animals, artists and different types of craft materials. Many of the projects were inspired by Fall and students had fun creating and collaborating on their works of art!

Kid's Test Kitchen, led by Mrs. Matullo and Mrs. Hopler was an interactive cooking program that incorporated important skills including reading, math, science, critical thinking, and creativity. Students in grades 2-5 learned essential kitchen skills, safety, culinary techniques, food experimentation, and kitchen science, while preparing (and tasting) delicious foods along the way such as ice cream, cake pops, mug cakes, and more. The program culminated with the first "Tinc Road Unbake Off" where students worked together in creative cake decorating team.



In Ms. Enea and Ms. Capone’s Intro to Robotics class for Grade 3-5, students used the LEGO Spike Prime kits to build 5 different robots. They followed the directions on the Spike Prime website and explored coding the robots to perform different tasks. Students worked in pairs to build prototype arms to make a robot hop faster, code to make a robot dance, and experiment with a driving base to roam around the school. Although frustrating, this productive struggle pushes students to persevere through tasks!

Students in grades 3-5 are also working with Ms. Capone in LEGO STEAM!  These teams took LEGO building to the next level! They made creatures that move, boxers who box each other, and cars to race. Students even took on the Challenge of the Day, such as creating a balloon powered car, building a bridge to hold 20 rocks or creating a zip line to safely carry passengers from one end of the room to another. LEGO pieces were everywhere and fun was had by all!