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Tinc Road Teachers of the Year

Tinc Road Teachers of the Year


Congratulation to our Tinc Road Teacher and Educational Professional of the Year Winners! 


Mrs. Michele Schoch, Tinc Road Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Schoch attended Rider University and earned a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences, double major in elementary Education and Psychology, as well as a double minor in Special Education and Early Childhood Education. She then went on to Rowan University, where she received a Masters of Arts in Educational Technology

She has taught in six schools across five districts within a variety of classroom settings, general education and special education classrooms.  Mrs. Schoch previously taught grades PreK through high school, with her most recent experience in third grade.  This is her 10th year teaching since graduating college and her 5th year in MO. 

Ever since she was a little girl, she always wanted to play school whether it was with dolls or with younger cousins.  It is all she ever wanted to do and was very fortunate to say that her elementary school years were filled with teachers who inspired her to become the teacher se is today.  She hopes to instill the same love for education that they shared with her to the future generations.  

In attrition to be being a classroom teacher, Mrs. Schoch has been the advisor for the Tinc TREPS program three years in a row.  During her time at Tinc, she has been a part of the Reader's Workshop Proposed Programs Committee, New Science Program Committee, Sustainable Jersey Digital Schools Committee, as well as took part as a screener for Kindergarten Brigance testing.  She has also been a MOSA instructor, RealTime trainer, as well as hosted a Teacher Cadet from the Mount Olive High School for their Cadet Teaching Field Experience. 


Mrs. Christina Capone, Tinc Road Educational Professional of the Year

Before graduating Kutztown University with a dual certification in Special Education and Elementary Education, she had the rare opportunity to travel Asia with The People to People  Ambassadors Program to teach in primary schools and was lucky enough to be chosen to  complete her student teaching in Plymouth, England.

She has taught in 5 different states (Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware), grades ranging from 1st - 5th.

Christina then earned her Masters in Reading from Wilmington University and was a Literacy Coach for 4 years before becoming a Reading Specialist. She has since been a Reading Specialist for the last 5 years including being a District Elementary Literacy Coach. Christina recently earned her Supervisor Certificate from Rutgers while teaching in Mount Olive for the past 4 years. As the Reading Specialist, Christina earns grants each year for Tinc to celebrate in the love of reading during the month of March for Read Across America including family STEAM night, a Marauders Pirate Map read along,  painting and pizza night to celebrate being unique, author and illustrator visits, and finally, running One School One Book starring our real mice book mascots Greonimo and Trap. She looks forward to revealing this year's Read Across America celebration in the next few weeks. Mrs. Capone is also a part of the First Lego League Robotic club and participates in the PTO PAGE program running clubs such as Intro to Robotics and Coding and LEGO STEAM.

Mrs. Capone believes working with children is a gift. There is no other job that welcomes you with bright eager eyes, hugs and laughter like this one. Watching each student grow in their own way everyday is something I have always valued. We laugh, we cry, we get frustrated, and we celebrate success together.